Summer 2020: Dixon

Summer 2020: Dixon’s Transmoderna goes to DC10!

Best known techno and electronic music DJ Dixon is moving his Transmoderna party to DC10. Well known and definitely most underground nightclub on Ibiza Island. After a great 2019 summer residency at Pacha club he will join electronic music mecca and share same rooftop with it’s infamous Circoloco party.  

Circoloco is happening every Monday and as Mixmag magazine called it, it is one of the most talked about nights on the island. Which surly has helped made DC10 one of the most popular clubbing destinations on the world. In it’s audience you can find music lovers as well as famous musicians, models and actresses such us Madonna, Paris Hilton or P.Diddy. 

While Transmoderna will take over Friday nights starting from June 5th. Concept of the party won’t change and it will still be a fissure through the idea of clubbing and will navigate ravers through the real life interlaced with virtual reality. Partiers will experience “inverting system” a combination of music, movement, laser lights, visual stimulations and mixed realities. Each Friday will be an innovative experience filed with great music selection, immersive technology news and potion of cyber enthusiasm. It is a second season of Transmoderna and we can’t wait to get lost in the moment with Dixon.

Dixon speaking about the concept behind Transmoderna:

The year is almost over, and we’re ending it on a high note with a very special edition of our Telekom Electronic Beats podcast. This episode features none other than one of our favorite DJs and producers: Dixon. The episode is a recording from an interview conducted by TEB podcast host Jakob Thoene in front of a live studio audience in Berlin. Together, they explore Dixon’s Transmoderna, a 20-week residency at Pacha Ibiza that blends light, sound and architecture into a futuristic whole. The conversation also touches on a wide variety of other topics, such as fashion, the club of the future and

Posted by Telekom Electronic Beats on Friday, 20 December 2019


Trailer for Transmoderna

Watch here: 

Summer 2020Fridays DC-10

Posted by Dixon on Friday, 31 January 2020

Line up is still unknown but certainly it will make us dance.

This are some of the last year artists: 

DJ Koze, Róisín Murphy, Tale of Us, Solomun and KiNK.

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